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  • Account with Image Interactive Builder (Limited to the First 10 Buyers)
    Account with Image Interactive Builder (Limited to the First 10 Buyers)
    Premium cloud-based app that allows you to create an interactive image campaign with free hosting. You can insert Call to Action Elements to increase conversion, engagement towards your existing marketing campaign
    Value: $297
  • Rush Wordpress Plugin
    Rush Wordpress Plugin
    Plugin helps you manage and control your Wordpress, Panel in 1 dashboard. Then, you can do some quick optimization to increase page loading speed
    Value: $247
  • Account with InfluencerHub
    Account with InfluencerHub
    Premium softwares that will help you find and manage email sending stuffs to Influencers on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and more. To get this bonus, you need to send an email with receipt, and only accessible after refund period expires
    Value: $247
  • Socicake Software
    Socicake Software
    This is a 14 in 1 app bundle that focuses mainly on Facebook Marketing and Facebook Traffic Generation. This is a launch special bonus and will expire after launch.
    Value: $397
  • Atomic DFY
    Atomic DFY
    Atomic DFY is a complete system. You get the assets, free traffic and monetization needed to grow a full online business. Literally everything you need to start a wildly profitable online business.
    Value: $247
  • WP Traffic Shift
    WP Traffic Shift
    This simple and high utility plugin automates the process of redirecting the existing URL of your WP site to a new URL and is particularly useful if you are migrating pages from an old website, or are changing the directory of your WordPress installation. It helps you drive traffic anywhere you want in few easy clicks.
    Value: $197
  • AutoTagMachine
    CommentTagMachine allows to: Auto Reply comment with tagging the commenter Auto comment your post by tagging all commenter Mentioning commenter in reply will make it more personalize and Notification will be sent to commenter. Auto comment on post by tagging all commenter- so all the commenter will get notification about your comment and see it.
    Value: $197
  • PostMagix
    PostMagix, it’s a complete social sharing solution for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, Reddit, Medium , Blogger and wordpress. It is a web-based app and fairly easy to use and easy to operate. You can manage all those social media from one place. Managing all social media for business purpose is a huge pain. So we made this to make your life easy.
    Value: $197
  • Recover Abandoned Cart
    Recover Abandoned Cart
    WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart is a WooCommerce extension Plugin which will recover the abandoned carts and increase the sales. Cart Abandonment happens due to a variety of reasons and sending mail (with follow up mails) can be the best way to Recover Abandoned Carts which is exactly what this Plugin does. Recover Abandoned Cart monitors carts that are abandoned by Members and Guests to capture Abandoned Carts. It automatically sends mails using the mail templates at specified times to Recover the Abandoned Carts.
    Value: $197
  • Account with DFY Lead Funnel
    Account with DFY Lead Funnel
    Have an account with a high quality software application that was the best seller in W+. Due to many refund abusiveness, please only request me when refund period expires with your name and receipt
    Value: $397
  • DFY Social Agency Websites (For Wordpress)
    DFY Social Agency Websites (For Wordpress)
    If you want to make money with Agency business,you absolutely need to have a professional websites.This predone templates will make your site professional and no tech skills require,you can perform all in one Wordpress Dashboard
    Value: $247
  • Autopilot SEO for WooCommerce
    Autopilot SEO for WooCommerce
    The Autopilot SEO plugin adds these features to WooCommerce so that it can communicate better with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing any many more traffic makers. This plugin is the easiest SEO experience and gets to that #1 spot easier
    Value: $197
  • Portfolio Showcase Tool (WOW Your clients with a Beautiful Portfolio of Animation Graphics)
    Portfolio Showcase Tool (WOW Your clients with a Beautiful Portfolio of Animation Graphics)
    Portfolio Showcase Tool is a WordPress plugin used to build a portfolio of Graphic Animation in any desired layout that will wow your clients and convince them to work with you for life. This plugin is user-friendly, So no matter if you are a beginner, WordPress user, Designer or a Developer, no additional coding knowledge is required in creating amazing portfolio layouts to wow your clients. This plugin comes with Grid Layout, Masonary Layout, Slider Layout and Justify Layout etc. to build a portfolio. It is very easy and fast to create stunning portfolio layouts and integrate them into your WordPress site using tons of settings options. Using Portfolio Design plugin, you can create new custom post types or use your existing blog posts or custom post type posts. Create unlimited custom post types, portfolios and insert an unlimited number of portfolios on your site or even on one single page via shortcodes. If you like to create a portfolio or looking for a complete solution to manage portfolios, this product is a useful tool for you.
    Value: $147
  • WP Sociflock
    WP Sociflock
    This high on functionality software allows you to auto syndicate posts and comments on multiple FaceBook groups and pages at the same time. Allows you to post feed, images, videos on the groups. It enbles you to comment to the posts in the group.
    Value: $197
  • WP Blog Roll
    WP Blog Roll
    Automaticlly Exchange Link with your Visitors and Build Quality Backlinks the Easy and Passive Way
    Value: $197
  • WP Fast FAQ
    WP Fast FAQ
    "Create properly laid out FAQs that you can embed anywhere on your Wordpress blog. Use FAQs to educate, convert and help your visitors. Perfect for blogs and corporate websites."
    Value: $197
  • WP Social Proof
    WP Social Proof
    With Social Proof for WooCommerce is really easy to display the number of sales for any product in your website, just like the big brands do.
    Value: $197
  • Skype Chitchat - WordPress Plugin
    Skype Chitchat - WordPress Plugin
    Skype Chitchat is a WordPress plugin which enables a nifty chat box on your website, the visitors on your website can connect and converse with you through the help of this plugin. It is the easiest option to provide support and keep contact with your customers and visitors.
    Value: $197
  • WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Wordpress Plugin
    WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Wordpress Plugin
    Advertise Amazon products on your Woocommerce website and earn advertising fees from Qualifying Purchases. You can also receive advertising fees from all products your visitors buy, visit, not just the products you advertise thanks to our 90 days cookie feature.
    Value: $247
  • eCom Site Builder
    eCom Site Builder
    Multi language options, multi currency option, 4 different payment gateways social media login & sharing, the most advanced product posting & presentation.
    Value: $197
  • SociTracker (Track Unlimited Social Activities From ONE Dashboard)
    SociTracker (Track Unlimited Social Activities From ONE Dashboard)
    This is an online social tracking tool that gives you the extraordinary ability to track your social activities from an unlimited social networks accounts ( Including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Tumblr ) including day by day tracking, premium accounts, top lists, favorites system and a beautiful and complex admin panel that you can manage the whole website with. It also comes with a Paypal and Stripe payment gateway so that your users can purchase benefits from your website.
    Value: $147
  • Azon Affiliate Bar Plugin
    Azon Affiliate Bar Plugin
    With this WordPress plugin you can display a "sticky bar" at the top of your site promoting any Amazon product you want. This plugin make it incredibly easy to start making more commissions from the Amazon Affiliate program in just a couple minutes!
    Value: $147
  • YouExtracter (Pull Videos Into Your Database)
    YouExtracter (Pull Videos Into Your Database)
    This YouTube app is a full backend interface enabling you to search and save any YouTube video (and also channels) into your own database. You can organize all your selected videos into categories, and also choose the videos to feature. The front end is based on a responsive design framework, and enables you to have a nice and modern website with your videos selection. You can easily use and extend this app to create a videos website.
    Value: $197
  • Mailpoet Premium WordPress Plugin
    Mailpoet Premium WordPress Plugin
    Premium WordPress plugin that will help you to send beautiful emails that reach inboxes every time and create loyal subscribers.
    Value: $197
  • 10 Eye-Catching Lead Generation Pages
    10 Eye-Catching Lead Generation Pages
    HTML file you can upload to your hosting server and you can utilize them for local business or CPA Lead Generation
    Value: $297
  • Resellers License to Tube Reaper Jeet
    Resellers License to Tube Reaper Jeet
    Tube Reaper Jeet gets you both broad and specific search for an unlimited resource of long tail video keywords. Sources thousands of video keywords in a minute.
    Value: $197
  • FB Coupon Virality
    FB Coupon Virality
    FB Coupon Virality will get your coupons viral, just like its name says. By utilizing all the cool, powerful social features of Facebook i.e. Like, Invite and Share, we give you simply the best.And that is not all, with FB Coupon Virality, you can create new mailing lists by collecting email addresses when providing users with various offers and promotions like handing out a freebie as eBook etc. You can also generate coupon for discount and other purposes.
    Value: $147
  • Kontrol Press
    Kontrol Press
    KontrolPress protects your site from being hacked
    Value: $147
  • WP TagSeeder
    WP TagSeeder
    This simple and high utility plugin is an autotagging plugin, which allows you to autoadd tags as well add tags manually to posts matching any of the keywords found in the post content from a set of keywords.
    Value: $197
  • Local Landing Page + Whiteboard Video Pack
    Local Landing Page + Whiteboard Video Pack
    Use these 30 premium landing page plus Whiteboard video to help clients advertise their business
    Value: $497
  • 50 Call to Action Buttons
    50 Call to Action Buttons
    Never run out of call to actions for your sales pages. This pack contains all 50 different call to action buttons you can use on any page you want.
    Value: $197
  • Traffic Generating Resources
    Traffic Generating Resources
    Make traffic generation fast and easy with this bonus. This will include training and strategies that will propel your business to the next level.
    Value: $197

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